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Planning Your Dream Jet Boat from Rogue Jet

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Your Dream Welded Aluminum Jet Boat Is Possible

What to look for "4 points" to consider that will narrow down your choices

Tired of high maintenance of fiberglass boats and tumbling resell values and ready to look into an all welded marine aluminum jet boat, you have a wide selection of welded aluminum boats to choose from. And if you a looking for a welded aluminum boat that you can use in the widest possible applications with the additional benefits of increased safety and lower maintenance costs, then it is time to also throw away the prop, in-fact just through away the outboard too and move up to a reliable long-life welded aluminum in-board jet boat.

  1. Due to higher production costs you can expect to pay 15% to 20% more for a well built welded aluminum boat versus a fiberglass. But the welded aluminum boat will last ten times longer, stand up to rougher use and extend where you can go exploring or fishing without worrying about passenger safety or damaging the boat. 95% of welded aluminum jet boat owners agree that the modest additional cost is easily justified over the long haul.
  2. Consider our 17 ft to 19ft inboard with V6 power an entry-level Aluminum Jet boat. This is a great design suitable for small family outings, 2 or 3 people fishing and 2 or 3 people skiing. An outboard will cost less initially in a boat of this size, but within 3 years that savings disappears and starts costing you more to continue to own. An inboard is a much smarter decision.
  3. For a mid-range welded Aluminum Jet boat, consider one of the mass-produced 20' to 21' inboard V-8 with an American Turbine or Kodiak Marine jet drive and a modified-delta hull, with lifting / turning strakes to improve tracking and reduce sliding turns. There are a least a dozen manufacturers serving the mid-range market.
  4. For a no-compromise state-of-the-art design in Inboard Aluminum Jet boats, consider a 20' to 24' inboard V-8. And insist upon the best hull and jet combination with a Radius Hull and a Hamilton 212 Turbo Jet. This decision will give you a superior handling, riding and performing boat. You will never regret spending just a little bit more to get the very best.

Jack LaFond of Young's Guide Service with one of our 24' "Fastwater" inboard boats

What to watch out for "8 Critical Questions" You Must Ask To Avoid Mistakes And Help you Get The Dream Boat You Have Always wanted

Watch out for un-scrupulous dealers and salespeople, whose only goal is to sell you anything before you get out the door. Check-out the boat you are considering. Never buy the first boat you see. Shop around. Become informed. You won't regret the time you spend up-front learning all you can.

Ask these 8 critical questions:

  1. Is the engine the right size for most of your planned uses? To get you attention with a low price, unscrupulous salespeople may suggested an under-powered boat. Or to appeal to the male testosterone ego they may push you into the boat that has the biggest engine they offer, even if you are looking for a boat for no more than 2 or 3 people. Both under-powered and over-powered boats lead to unhappy boating.
  2. Is the hull skip-welded or continuous-welded? Make the salesperson prove to you that it is continuous-welded throughout.
  3. Are the 6 critical stress points reinforced (i.e. the bottom, transom, keel, engine mounts, jet mounts and gunnels)?
  4. Is there quality finishing or has the manufacturer covered up their mistakes with rough-coat paints and filler?
  5. What's standard and what's optional? Compare standard features between manufacturers. Some only offer 15 to 20 standard features to trick you with their low starting prices. For example, Rogue Jet Whitewater and Fastwater boats come with 51 standard features. And the Sportwater comes with 41 standard features.
  6. How does the boat handle and perform? Never, never buy any boat without first taking a demo ride to see first hand if it meets your objectives. If the dealer or manufacturer won't give you a "no-obligation" demo, they must be hiding something. Simply leave and find a seller with nothing to hide.
  7. What's the cost difference between an in-board and an out-board? To get you attention with a low price, salespeople & boat dealers commonly suggest an outboard instead of an inboard. Yes, it is true that an outboard will initially cost less, but if you plan to keep the boat more than three years the increased operational cost and maintenance costs of the outboard will eat away all your initial savings. So for a typical owner, who keeps their boat longer than 3 years, an inboard is a far better investment and it will also deliver superior performance, lower maintenance, and lower fuel consumption starting day one.
  8. What features do you really want on your dream boat? Finally, take the time to specify EXACTLY what you want and get it custom built for you. Don't accept someone else's idea of what you want. The delay of waiting while your boat is being built will payoff with years and years of pleasure.

If a no-comprise jet boat is what you are dreaming about, give Rogue Jet Boatworks a call or register here to arrange a personal touch-and-feel followed by the most satisfying on-water demonstration you will ever experience.

A Rogue Jet truly is "The Ultimate Aluminum Jet Boat Experience"

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