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Law Enforcement Patrol Boats - Search & Rescue

Connecting with Law Enforcement to build the best in Search and Recue and Patrol Boats

Rogue Jet Boats designs and builds Custom All Welded Aluminum Jetboats with Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and Parks Services applications in mind.

26' Colorado River Patrol Boat for the Grand Canyon, built for Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Why are law enforcement and other and other federal and local agencies attracted to the quality workmanship and reliability of Rogue Jet Boatworks?

The answer is simple - owner Bruce Wassom has been a key player in the development and construction of law enforcement boats throughout the United States for more than 30 years.

26' Colorado River Patrol Boat for the Grand Canyon National Parks built for use on the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Twin Cummins diesel engines with Twin Hamilton Jet drives.

It was in the early stages of his career, when Bruce was part-owner of River Marine in Medford, Oregon, that he sold his first Law Enforcement boat to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department - a 20 foot aluminum vessel with a 460 Ford engine and a Hamilton Three Stage Jet Drive. After 25 years of reliable service and thousands of hours use, this sturdy boat was finally retired. The publicity Sonoma County received for this storied vessel is legendary, and it started the modern trend for patrol boats in California being made from heavy gauge aluminum.

Welded Aluminum Law Enforcement Patrol Boats

Involved with Law Enforcement

Ever since Bruce successfully sold his first patrol boat he has been introducing the rest of the country to his custom law enforcement vessels. Bruce founded Jetcraft Boats in 1987, and his hard work and dedication drew the attention of consumers and law enforcement agencies alike.

"I have built more than 200 law enforcement boats over the following 27 years," said Bruce. "And we shipped them to Hawaii, New York, Montana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington."

When you're proud of your work, you like to show it off, so Bruce takes a bare hull and welded structure with him to every presentation and boat show. He also brings a complete vessel that anyone can test for themselves on the water. This opportunity for the user is invaluable because it gives them a chance to see and feel for themselves what makes Bruce's work unparalleled in the industry.

Often, people are blown away by what they experience.

"Bruce not only brought a boat to our location that we could test," said Deputy Lair. "He even brought along an empty hull that we could inspect at our leisure. Now that's going the extra mile for your customers!"

Law Enforcement Aluminum Patrol Boat

Bruce loves to point out the features that make his designs stand out when he says, "Our longitudinal box girders are welded solid on both side of the boat along the entire length, and made from .160 inch thick aluminum. In the back center section of the boat we add a 1/4" thick overlay on 6 feet off of the bottom in the back, because this area is the main impact area affected when the vessel strikes a submerged object in the water."

"We also surround the jet intake portion of the hull with a 1/2" x 2" solid aluminum bar that is welded to the bottom of the vessel for more strength. Every transom we build has a thickness of .190 inches."

Other special features include:

  • A turning / Lifting strake material welded to the bottom of the vessel with a T-bar formed out for more strength
  • A tapered radius bottom for smooth handling and top performance
  • A radius keel area designed to help the boat run better in rough water, get more speed, and cut corners without hesitation
  • Boat bottoms that are bent 14 times to achieve our custom radius shape. While it may be more costly, the difference is obvious when it comes to performance and handling
Law Enforcement Aluminum Patrol Boat

"The Rogue Jet Boat handles better than anything else we had driven, and was obviously superior in every way," said Deputy Lair. "We couldn't have found a better boat for our needs - and in the law enforcement world, word is spreading about our boat."

With the word spreading, you will likely see more Rogue Jet Boats being used by law enforcement agencies in the future - both in California and elsewhere.

Bruce knows that he makes a superior product, and is proud to offer his creation to those that need it most.

"Because we are only one of a few aluminum boat manufacturers that build inboard jet boats as a focused line ." said Bruce "We understand that this company must go the extra mile to ensure that our products are the best, and perfectly suited to the needs of law enforcement personnel, guides, outfitters, and the public."

With unparallel dedication, there is little wonder that Bruce and Rogue Jet Boatworks have become synonymous with quality, durability, and performance. Find out for yourself what sets our aluminum jet boats apart by calling (541) 944-2155 or visit

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