Fastwater Aluminum Jet Boat Series from Rogue Jet Rogue Jet Boatworks

Fastwater Aluminum Jet Boat Series from Rogue Jet

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Fastwater Aluminum Jet Boat Series from Rogue Jet

For an all-around high performance family boat and stable fishing machine start with our 6" wider Fastwater. You will end up with lots of room and only sacrifice 1 or 2 mph on the top end versus the Whitewater hull.

Each Fastwater incorporates a 4th generation hull design and 4th generation propulsion system that delivers the smoothest ride, best performance, best efficiency and strongest construction in the industry. To insure a no-compromise boat each Rogue Jet Fastwater includes 51 standard features (more standard features than any other manufacturer).

Blend of Power, Versatility, Comfort, Beauty, Maneuverability and Safety

Power. Select from 3 different Chevy Kodiak MarineV-8 inboard engines balanced & performance tuned with a Hamilton 212 Turbo Impeller, the most efficient and powerful Jet available.

Versatility. Smoothly gliding over vicious wind chop on lakes and bays takes a well designed hull. Ocean waves can be powered through with maximum comfort. Travel through a mere 5 inches of water in shallow water situations or climb boulder driven rapids with confidence and control. Your Rogue Jet will give you and your family versatility and freedom to go where other boats stay on the trailer.

Comfort. No matter, whether you are drift fishing, exploring class IV river rapids, wake-boarding with friends or on a casual family outing, every Rogue Jet provides comfortable seating, protection from the elements (sun/wind/rain), and the industries smoothest ride free from annoying hull vibration and pounding common among less well-built aluminum hulls.

Lasting Beauty. Choose from a virtually unlimited choice of marine grade paint colors, blend the stripping, add the color-coordinated interior, and finish with the high gloss Aluminum hull and diamond plate shine. The end result is a formula for a beautiful boat that will also look great 20 years from now. The dazzling blend of throaty horsepower, luxurious amenities and extensive user comforts; like suspension seats, integrated heater and defroster and a Top Gun canvas enclosure, round out each Rogue Jet's broad-based appeal.

Maneuverability and Safety. Imagine that you are running at full throttle (45 to 50 mph) and you see a diver surface 60 feet in front of you. What do you do? Stop? Swerve? In 99 out of 100 boats on the market, neither maneuver would save the diver. Why? Because you cannot stop in time to prevent running over the diver. Also if you swerve, the stern of the boat will still swing over the diver and chew them up with the prop.

That is not a pretty sight, and we hope and pray you never find yourself in that situation. BUT, wouldn't it be re-assuring knowing your driving a Rogue Jet boat that will stop completely in just 2 boat lengths. Your new Rogue Jet can spin a 180 degrees around in just its own boat length. We will teach you these maneuvers in our orientation and safety training we provide every new Rogue Jet owner.

Lasting Value. Rogue Jet Boat owners will readily tell you how the love their jet boat. It's all about the quality that goes into building every boat. Superior hull design & construction, state-of-the-art engines, jet pumps, and only the best components throughout every boat leads to the industry's highest customer satisfaction. This is further reinforced by Rogue Jet's Lifetime Hull Guarantee.

Click here to view the list of 51 standard Fastwater Inboard features

Contact us to receive a detailed Fastwater datasheet and list of available options or to arrange an up close and personal encounter with a Rogue Jet.

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