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Aluminum Boat Design and Construction from Rogue Jet

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Jet Boat Design & Construction

"The Ultimate Aluminum Jet Boat Design"

We achieve our claim of providing you the "Ultimate Aluminum Jet Boat Experience" by first designing and building the absolutely best hull for performance, strength, safety and comfort in the industry. We then match this hull with the most reliable and best performing engines and jet pumps available today.

4th Generation Tapered Radius Hull with Surfboard Bottom

Our hull design is unique in the all-welded aluminum boat industry. We use compound angled box stringer girder construction for structural strength, and we fully form reverse chines which are welded to attach the bottom of the boat to its sides. All of our boats have a one piece bottom that ensures structural integrity along the length and width of the bottom. Our hull seams are fully sealed and welded closed leaving no gaps or corrosion crevices which is crucial for salt water use.

The key State-of-the-Art Hull Design & Construction elements for our jet boats are:

  • The marine grade Aluminum to last you a lifetime (includes Lifetime Guarantee)
  • The continuous welds in all structural integrity areas
  • The full length longitudinal .160 x 10 box girders to eliminate hull twisting when running river rapids or on high speeds runs in choppy water and big waves.
  • The .190 thick transom (most builders in the industry only use .125)
  • The heavy-duty bracing around the engine and jet intake area to maximize hull strength in critical areas and also to reduce hull vibration and noise
  • The surfboard keel-plate bottom section for added safety if boulders are struck at high speed. This is exclusive to Rogue Jet Aluminum Boats
  • The laminar flow jet intake virtually eliminates cavitation in highly aerated waters such as Class III and Class IV as well as improving all-around performance at high speed or during sharp turns or maneuvers
  • The six (6) performance matched lifting and turning stakes that deliver faster plane-ing, sharper turning and truer straight runs
  • The reinforce gunnels for mounting hardware and stepping upon which are another Rogue Jet exclusive
  • Water-tight walk-thru welded windshield with 7/32 tinted window safety glass
  • The Lifetime Hull Guarantee

4th Generation Marine Engines & Jet Pumps

The key performance elements for our jet boats are:

  • The unique tapered radius bottom that delivers the smoothest ride and best performance in the industry
  • The six (6) performance matched lifting and turning stakes that deliver faster plane-ing, sharper turning and truer straight runs
  • The laminar-flow jet-pump intake that eliminates cavitation and improves jet pump performance
  • The best-in-class Hamilton 212 Jet Pump with stainless steel turbo impeller that is balanced to maximize performance and efficiency
  • The Kodiak Marine/GMC performance tuned engines (3 to choose from) that are match to how you plan to use your boat.

4th Generation Manufacturing

Our computer-generated designs are downloaded electronically to our contracted robotic equipment that precision cuts and forms the aluminum into the components for hull manufacturing. The result is a hull that can be built consistently within very tight manufacturing tolerances. This translates into a hull that performs the way our engineers intended, directing the water flow with tapered radius keels, reversed chines, lifting strakes, and constant degree dead rises.

This massive 3/4 million dollar, 25 foot CNC press brake can form complex shapes into a hull side or bottom, in one step. This contract manufacturing resource uses a single sheet of marine grade aluminum to form each side or bottom of our Rogue Jet boats. Our advanced manufacturing method in construction of our boats improves structural strength and handling performance making it un-necessary for extra seams or joints or brackets. And provides the Rogue Jet 4th generation single-piece "Tapered Radiuses Bottom."

CNC laser plasma cutting machines flawlessly cut Rogue Jet boat hull parts to fit together perfectly as designed, every time, everyday. Thats why we can say that Quality Control is designed into every Rogue Jet boat produced.

Thats also why we know that the Lifetime Guarantee on every Rogue Jet hull means you never have to worry about anything ever going wrong with the hull construction. A Rogue Jet boat will last your entire lifetime.

Contact us to arrange for an "up-close & personal encounter" with a Rogue Jet Boat.

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